Midwest Meteor April 2010

Last night a lot of people started talking on Facebook about a bright light they saw in the sky all around 10:00pm. I quickly searched Twitter for the word meteor and found that people were seeing it all across the… Continue Reading →

@KJ52 Friday Freestyles from iPhone on Qik.com

An artist I’ve been listening to for the past couple years knows as KJ52 has been using qik and I’m pretty sure his iPhone to stream video live. Some of his videos are done on every Friday called “Friday Freestyles”…. Continue Reading →

Baby Video

Baby Update #1

Elf Yourself 2008

Create your own at www.elfyourself.com

Testing Facebook Video Embed

Facebook recently upgraded their video feature to higher resolution video, and the option to embed videos on other sites. So far you can only embed your own. Here’s a recent video I recorded with a Flip Video Ultra at 640×480…. Continue Reading →

Interviewed at the fair by Gnooze.com

I twittered recently about being interviewed at the fair by the website Gnooze.com. Here’s the whole video:

What’s for Dinner – Tacos

Flipped over Truck near my house


I want this game. I would force myself to buy a mac first. None of my PCs would run it well enough.

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