Twitter Updates for 2012-05-25

Silly Faces! http://t.co/nJnQKQX7 # Sleepy time!! http://t.co/3aT4Zvhw #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-24

Imagine the possibilities! #AirServer http://t.co/W525hybB # @drumdog00 the counseling pastor has to deal with everyone's crap… #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-22

Lily getting some love from Justin http://t.co/SwTkBZgF # RT @iClarified: Quick Info Sheet for iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak… http://t.co/Il4MqUun #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-20

We have seen a lot of these this year and they are huge!!! http://t.co/UeTWr8Pa # Headed to the Civic Center. The boys have no idea where we're going! # We have front row seats! (@ Civic Center of Greater Des… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-19

Anyone have a recommendation on where to bring scrap metal? Do you get much money for it? Tips? # @pleides15 just about 10 fence posts and small scraps. # If I would've had a truck and trailer this full I… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-18

Testing the new Weather Channel app. The #Weather in Ankeny, IA is Sunny, 61° http://t.co/IlNfDZ7i # Meeting with Mark Vance. Listening to a girl share the gospel with another girl next to us. (@ Starbucks) http://t.co/kSxOLDS9 # Trying out some… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-17

Yes, that is a cup of "peaches from a can" juice. We'll see how that goes. http://t.co/fLiFz7da # This is what happens when mom isn't home for dinner. http://t.co/bBkK0gsT # Then we listened to this song! #NowPlaying Peaches by The… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-16

I'm at Jordan Creek Town Center (West Des Moines, IA) w/ 6 others http://t.co/mxRzu3Z2 # Overheating Mac mini (@ Apple Store w/ 3 others) http://t.co/jNAI5Oa3 # RT @mashable: This Guy Gave Himself Implants for His iPod Nano – http://t.co/9QV7bBQz #… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-15

New #iPhone Article from @iphoneschool: GrabberApp – Open Any App with LockScreen Camera Icon – http://t.co/qLNL0c19 # @Boodlezoid @ejdme not sure. I assume you've googled it? # Lunch with @tomdawg out on the patio. (@ Buffalo Wild Wings) [pic]: http://t.co/3VceAGRn… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-14

Mothers day brunch (@ Ankeny Diner w/ 6 others) [pic]: http://t.co/d2SoHNSZ # See that! I want that every day! Where can I move to that has low humidity all the time? http://t.co/kQKDILDu # Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife!… Continue Reading →

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