Twitter Updates for 2011-05-05

@Rankdiz yes. @markavance said he'd get it up tonight. # @Rankdiz # Check out this awesome video I shot and @markavance edited: # My baby boy # Toasted Bulb @ Saylorville Baptist Church # Here's another awesome video @Markvance edited with video I shot for the Momentum video: # @drumdog00 […]


Twitter Updates for 2011-03-29

Does not my word burn like fire?” says the Lord. “Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces? # Epic Bumperstickers # @JMJackson_ @drumdog00 iPod touch? You don't need it. What firmware do you have? # @DriveConference link to livestream? #


Twitter Updates for 2011-03-28

@AdamTReineke @bporter my gpa's # @problogger do you have links to church audio? # This is anywhere for me! RT @DustinDK: Half the time I spend at my in-laws is spent updating computers and iPods. # @markavance @bradpausley you mean rented, not picked up # Denver & Carson watching Toy Story 2 and waiting for […]


Twitter Updates for 2011-03-23

we have a priceless inheritance that is kept in heaven, pure # @drumdog00 @rankdiz @tomdawg @jmcato # @drumdog00 @rankdiz @tomdawg @jmcato # Happy 28th Birthday Brooke! # Rousch Mustang #


Twitter Updates for 2010-07-26

RT @tinasintunes: I have C.D.O. It's like O.C.D. but all the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be. # RT @dealsplus: Congrats to @drumdog00 for winning an Apple iPhone 4. We have 7 more iPhone 4's. // NO WAY!!!!!” # Remember, only morning services today! — at Saylorville Baptist Church # […]

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-20

Today is @carsonporter's last day to be the baby… # Happy Anniversary to my wife, @bporter! 7 years! # @drumdog00 tomorrow in reply to drumdog00 # @byrdie16 no name yet! Keep them coming! in reply to byrdie16 # @drumdog00 nope :( in reply to drumdog00 # @gboisseau in reply to gboisseau # Taking my […]


Twitter Updates for 2010-07-16

Just so everyone knows, I've been using @oldspice way before it was a trending topic on @twitter # RT @MacRumors: Apple Addresses iPhone Signal Strength Display with iOS 4.0.1 & iPad Wi-Fi Connectivity with iOS 3.2.1: # @drumdog00 We miss you, and since we can't replace you, this will have to do…. […]

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-15

Working on an old school computer! # @drumdog00 @ryanbrancheau in reply to drumdog00 # Today is what Africa felt like, except hotter, with no air conditioning… # @tannerarcher yes, it fits now in reply to tannerarcher # Semi on fire on I35/I80 in front of my gpa's house and he took this from […]


Twitter Updates for 2010-05-19

Just completed a 2.08 mi run with @runkeeper, check it out #RunKeeper # Yay! My PSP has bids!!! That means a guaranteed $61 more towards my iPad!!! # Creating a DVD of the memorial service for Jeanette Castleberry. # @vorea26 thanks! in reply to vorea26 # Tweetie app is now Twitter!!! App Store […]