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Midwest Meteor April 2010

Last night a lot of people started talking on Facebook about a bright light they saw in the sky all around 10:00pm. I quickly searched Twitter for the word meteor and found that people were seeing it all across the… Continue Reading →

Perfect Impression of Sarah Palin by SNL’s Tina Fey

Blue Screen of Death at Olympics

This is really funny. I was wondering how they were projecting all the way around the stadium at the Bird’s Nest at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I was guessing it was one huge computer or a network of computers working… Continue Reading →

Forward from Grandma – Floodwater in Iowa (2008)

I’m starting a new series of blogs titled “Forwards from Grandma”. I’m only going to post the ones that are true. About half don’t pass the Snopes.com test. This one does however. I will research them before I post them… Continue Reading →

Saylorville Lake & Des Moines Area Flooding

I recently drove around the Saylorville Lake area and took some pictures and video of the area flooding. Tonight we are going to go and get some more shots when the dam overflows. The emergency overflow is going to start… Continue Reading →

China Earthquake Videos

I found a few videos from today’s earthquake in Sichuan, China. College students during quake: This one was taken with a jailbroken iPhone: This one was almost 1,000 miles away in Beijing: This one starts at about 5min into the… Continue Reading →

Gas Prices and Iran’s Hurricane

Thanks to a tip from my cousin Brian, Iran is about to get smashed by a Cyclone named Gonu. I’m guess this is going to effect gas prices once again. Brian pointed out that it’s been a while since Iran… Continue Reading →

Israel & World War III

I have talked with a few people lately and found most people do not know what the pictures are above. I could even say, “This is Israel and Lebanon”, and they would say, “Ok…”, but they would still not get… Continue Reading →

1st Graders take Sex Survey

I cannot believe this, I am so mad right now, You have to read this article and then the opinion from Alabama House of Representative, Jo Bonner. It is about 1st, 3rd, & 5th graders taking a sex survey in… Continue Reading →

Warning to Friends & Family in Iowa

Search in Iowa for Two Escaped Killers Tuesday, November 15, 2005 DES MOINES, Iowa — Two convicted murderers have escaped from the maximum security portion of the Iowa State Penitentiary, jail officials said. Martin Shane Moon, 34, and Robert Joseph… Continue Reading →

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