Thousands of Apollo Photos

This is an epic archive of around 8,500 photos from the Apollo missions. 

Midwest Meteor April 2010

Last night a lot of people started talking on Facebook about a bright light they saw in the sky all around 10:00pm. I quickly searched Twitter for the word meteor and found that people were seeing it all across the… Continue Reading →

Yay! We’re Pregnant! Due March 12th

Yes, I’ve been keeping a secret from you for 2 weeks. Even had to lie a couple times :) But after a year of trying (wow, it was so difficult

Vacation to Kentucky

Tomorrow we will be going for a week long trip to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We’re going with my grandparents and my cousin Brian and his family. That’s right, 6 adults and 4 children under 3! Pray for… Continue Reading →


Yes, I saw the iPhone. Yes, it’s sweet. Yes I’m buying one and switching from Sprint to AT&T. I can’t believe I’m doing this…


I’ve created a new website, again. It’s called FaithHacker.com I created the site to share some of the things I learn as a Technology Manager of Saylorville Baptist Church. I hope that other Christian leaders can benifit from it and… Continue Reading →

Everything is Great!

I’m finally heading to bed after working on a fix for my website. Some of you won’t follow what I’m saying here but it’s ok. I noticed about a week ago that my website was not rendering (looking correct) in… Continue Reading →

Going Home

We will be leaving this evening around 7:00pm. If you would like to come visit Denver at home please call first. Thanks to all who wrote on the website and stopped by. It was great to hear and see you… Continue Reading →

Mercy – Room 2006

We are now in our room until Saturday evening. We are in room 2006 at Mercy Hospital in the Birthing Wing (east building)

Denver Robert Porter

Denver Robert Porter 9lbs 0oz 21 3/4 inches Born January 4th, 2007 at 7:36pm

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