Adam Reineke

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-28

@AdamTReineke @bporter my gpa's # @problogger do you have links to church audio? # This is anywhere for me! RT @DustinDK: Half the time I spend at my in-laws is spent updating computers and iPods. # @markavance @bradpausley you mean… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-07-23

@jterhorst me too! Was it an email about a store in Michigan? in reply to jterhorst # RT @benjmiller: okay, this is my fav "iphone4 fix" so far: http://twitpic.com/262n5r # Java Chip Frap!!! — at Starbucks @ Mercy http://gowal.la/r/WtWS #… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-07-12

Picking up tapes, then headed to church. — at Walmart http://gowal.la/r/tRar # Preparing for this morning's services. — at Saylorville Baptist Church http://gowal.la/r/tRKJ # Thank you to all volunteers in the Tech Team at @Saylorville. I had a lot of… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-20

Only $140 left to save for my iPad!!!! # @vorea26 thanks! Get your MacBook yet??? in reply to vorea26 # @Advil I'm going for 16GB 3G. Mostly productivity, not movies & music. Might keep saving for larger size. We'll see…. Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-23

New #iPhone Article from @iphoneschool: Bliss – WinterBoard Theme – http://tinyurl.com/2a74co5 # New #iPhone Article from @iphoneschool: iPhone Commercial – Family Man – http://tinyurl.com/2ej4mx3 # Here's an idea: make the Apple TV run iPhone apps… # Live Police at 0.10… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22

Just completed a 1.43 mi run with @runkeeper, check it out http://rnkpr.com/a52m81 #RunKeeper # New #iPhone Article from @iphoneschool: The Case of the "Lost" iPhone 4G – http://tinyurl.com/y7529pe # Authorities said an Ankeny woman has been found dead in a… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-17

Just completed a 1.66 mi run with @runkeeper, check it out http://rnkpr.com/a4x9ey #RunKeeper # Corndogs for the boys. — at Culver's http://gowal.la/s/3gfc # @AdamTReineke That is a tweet #fail in reply to AdamTReineke # Person in front of me paid… Continue Reading →

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