Twitter Updates for 2012-05-13

One for the road. (@ Starbucks w/ 2 others) http://t.co/2TvvNvSM # I'm at Hope Martin Park (Waterloo, IA) http://t.co/3h635BNV # Hor-hay's wedding! (@ Hagerman Baptist Church w/ @rankdiz) [pic]: http://t.co/8RLQGvVD # Playing with rocks… (@ Story City Park) [pic]: http://t.co/W91fKYqv… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-12

RT @Gizmodo: Surprise? Apple is dropping Google Maps from iOS 6! / Suprise! iOS 6 to be announced at WWDC? http://t.co/cWAGXXsH #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-11

Lunch (@ Big City Burgers And Greens) http://t.co/e39PREGn #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-10

@eastd did I make it? # @eastd I meant did I get booted on your twitter follows? You said you cleaned house! 😜 # @eastd @susanpuccinelli @formerflirt I don't think I do that, correct? # Meeting with Jake. @jakesiphone @hpcaltoona… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-09

Happy Birthday Lisa (@ Chili's Grill & Bar) [pic]: http://t.co/hnErkTZa # Gots some wheels and tires for the Fury while I work on it. http://t.co/WehZc2kx # Denver's first time holding a bumblebee walking toad. http://t.co/eZ7gAa2F # @eastd @chipfoose yeah, I'd… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-08

I'm at Starbucks (Ankeny, IA) http://t.co/K6PIb7Yq #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-07

@davidjwilcox I just went with the new black magic! # @davidjwilcox 1me. Still waiting for it to ship. I'll let you know! # @Boodlezoid service starts at 5:30 # @Boodlezoid that would've been cool! Let me know next time! #… Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-06

Little Ashton http://t.co/i2UihKGP #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-05

Picking up some supplies for tonight's student ministries party (@ Walmart Supercenter) http://t.co/N3mw1IBj # Out to lunch with new music guy (@ Leaning Tower Of Pizza) http://t.co/szcJLBTj #

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-03

New Bumblebee Walking Toad! http://t.co/gAtddDSI # @iphoneman76 iPad 2? # @iphoneman76 I want it on my iPad 3! #

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