To start today, I was really tired. And so I’m going to try to get to bed before 12 tonight. Work was normal, I got a good amount of things listed. After work I stopped by another store like ours to see what it was like. I’ll have to say it was pretty professional. Anyway, then I went to the church because I found out earlier that we have enough money donated to have money to use on Brooke’s Visa. We’re having issues with hers ’cause of her name change from getting married. I have it figured out but I’m printing out the forms now ’cause she spelled something wrong on the first ones. Speaking of Brooke, she is at a girls prayer meeting. It’s the Brazil Mission Trip Girls. Speaking of Brazil Mission Trip. I found out our itinerary today. I guess Lucas didn’t know about it, speaking of which again, I need to mail that to him quick…. ok, got it. Now… anyway, after going to the church on the visa thing we went to gma and gpa steens and talked to them, then started home, Brooke had met me there after work and then I had to go to the bank so she went home. On the way home she saw a car hit the metal cable guards in the center on the interstate. She said she was going back to help the person since no one was stopping to help. She called me back to say that it was my sister. I guess my sister hit a hay bale and a person behind her swerved from another one and hit the center. It was so weird ’cause Brooke saw it happen from the other side of the interstate. The timing had to be perfect. Anyways, Lacee, my sister, was ok and the other girl was really short I guess and hit the air bag pretty hard in the face. Her mouth was cut open a bit but I think she’ll be ok. So after all that we came home and had dinner and I’ve been working in my office. Oh, we finished a movie we had started during dinner called the First Daughter and the end was horrible, I’m going to tell it to you so you don’t have to watch it. Basically she is the daughter of the President and he is up for reelection, she goes to college and the secret service are all over her. So she gets them to back off. Then she falls in love with her RA and eventually finds out he’s undercover secret service. She gets mad goes home, they finally hook up after her dad wins the election and then he decides to go back to the secret service and she goes back to college and the end, not together, dumb! Ok, I just had to say that. So, now I am scanning picture and trying to print off all this stuff for Brooke’s Visa and Passport. I’m going to go to bed now, it’s still before 12 :)

I almost forgot, here’s my picture of the day. A woman on this motorcycle. She has shorts on, no helmet and this huge tatoo on her leg, it’s looked kewl but weird. She wasn’t that heavy as the picture looks, I think her shirt is poofing in the wind, she was pretty small for that bike.

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