Today was a busy day and when I thought I had nothing to do this next week, I got lots of things from people at church to do. This morning we went in and set up the stage since we had it all messed up from the day before at the barbeque. Everything went well and I had the usual for breakfast on Sundays, a Casey’s donut, chocolate long jong, with pudding filling and a milk. Mmmm. After church a friend from church came over and was going to put some pictures in order that she had given me for her parents wedding anniversary. Unfortuneatly I couldn’t get the files to work and she had to bring the pictures to me later at church. So that’s my project for this week. We watched a movie and took a nap until church started. I played my video I made for the Youth and it went well. I learned some new tricks with my video editing. My passion for the Youth is really growing daily and I told the Youth Pastor I would like to be involved. He said that would be great and he will find a time to sit down and talk with us about it. After the service we had a Brazil Mission Trip meeting. We discussed a book we are reading and we had a great prayer time. The group is getting stronger and closer to God all the time. There are a lot who still need support and we still need about $800. Please pray for us no only for financial support but for our growth in the Lord. We gave Julia a ride home and came home and I’m going to bed now. Oh, and Dustin and Rebecca are ready to have their baby. She was having contractions like 7 min apart… I’m excited! Here’s some pics from tonight:

Julia, Ashley, Sean, & Brooke

Lucas (college pastor)

Ashely getting shot by the air gun.

Brooke getting shot by the air gun.

Julia getting shot by the air gun.
Sean Duegan
Rebecca at 9 months…

Dustin at 9 months

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