Ok, I’ve gotten a little behind again, but here’s a quick catch up… Over the past couple days here’s what I’ve been doing: working at the eBay store, we’ve been trying to list as much as possible lately. The owner is in a big push to start making the store money. We’re also getting bogged down with small items. Anyways, that’s that. Been trying to get everything together for Brooke‘s Visa. Basically we’re waiting on a copy of our marriage certificate which I will get tomorrow and send it all out tomorrow. Um… I can’t remember which nights what happened but one night Lily (our Beagle) was choking on a pig’s ear she was chewing on and she was choking for like about 2 minutes or so… I finally got her to cough it up. The problem was she wanted to eat it so she didn’t want to give it up… One night some friends of ours that live in the same condos had their fire alarm go off ’cause of lightning. The fire department came and took forever to get it shut off… I’m scrambling to get a slideshow done for some people at church. It should be done tomorrow morning though… Tonight I stayed after Impact and played basketball with a bunch of guys. It was very good for me ’cause I really need to find something to get back in shape. I actually felt good afterwards. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight. Finally, here are some pictures from the week:

This is the road construction in front of our Condo. They are widening the road.

This is where the girl hit the guard rail that my wife saw the other day. You can see the hay bale all over the road too here.

This is the building where Brooke works at Grand View College.

This is the building I went to get our copy of our marriage certificate.

This is the Capitol Building of Iowa

This is a view of Downtown Des Moines.

Another angle of the Capitol Building

The new Wells Fargo Arena

This is just a car that I think is kewl, the Toyota ECHO.

Here’s Peanut hanging out in the big chair.

Brian from the eBay Store.

My newest collection to Road Rage.

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