Owww… My back is sore. We had our back yard barbecue today and after carrying all the equipment in and out, my back is very sore. I thought it was going to be canceled due to the tons of rain we were getting but God, of course, is in control and the rain stopped just in time for the parade, carshow and cookout. Here are some pictures from today:


Face Painting

More Youth, Josh Nemmers

Saylorville Township Fire Department gave firetruck rides.

Mia, Josh Byers daughter, Josh is our church web designer.

More firetruck rides.

Pastor Pat and his wife checking out some of the cars at the car show.

Iowa National Guard from the parade talking to the youth.

My favorite car in the show. I heard it had a 454.

Kids and Youth playing in the blow up jungle gym.

So, now I am really sore. My and Brooke went out to eat later tonight after taking a nap when we got home. We went to Chilis ’cause we had some money left on our gift certificate. We also had a gift certificate left over to Dairy Queen so we went there too, we tried the Chocolate Explosion or something like that, a blizzard. I finished the video for the youth’s event for this week, SOS, Students Offering Service. It’s sweet. I’ll probably put it on my portfolio on portersmultimedia.com when that part is up and ready. Ok, so now I’m going to go to bed. I’m very tired.. Goodnight!

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