Ok, I promise this won’t be as long as yesterday, couple reasons, one the internet is being flakey so I don’t want to type all this and then have the net go down and not get anything.. and two, ’cause I’m really tired. I slept in today though until 10am, I haven’t done that forever, thank you to Brooke for letting me do that. Also ’cause my boss wanted me to work afternoon instead of morning since everyone had plans. So, I slept, got ready for work, slacked off and wore jeans, t-shirt, and mocosins. It was nice. I got a lot listed on eBay today, a lot of good stuff, and also took in some high dollar items. We’ll see how that goes. The company that is selling out is waiting on a making a decision for a few days. They have an offer to buy everything plus the building. But if they don’t take it then we get to sell it on eBay, I guess one thing is a corvette motor that was going to be used to break the land speed record. Ok, so then I stopped by the bank, deposed my check (cause it’s Friday), then stopped by the church to get pictures from S.O.S. (students offering service). I was supposed to video tape it this week but it’s just so busy. Tomorrow I have the backyard barbeque at church. There I’m doing sound and there’s a parade and car show. I’ll be busy all day for sure. We got the new computer for the sound room this week but it’s still in the main church office in the box, I’m tempted to crack it open tomorrow during the barbeque…. ah, better wait til after the sunday services… Anyways… I came home and made some hamburgers and worked in my office. Got some videos done of Pastor and now working on the SOS video. My program I’ve been testing to see if I want to buy runs out of it’s trial period in 1 day… now I have to come up with about $300 and also $300 for Brooke’s Passport and Visa. We have about 150 coming from money from donations towards that… but we also have to pay for about 800$ of her summer classes. Good thing we’re both working now. Ok, tired, very tired and Brooke is of course already asleep, she fell asleep reading a book, by the way, she is on her 3rd book this week, she is crazy! ok, going now, goodnight!

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