Tired, very tired. I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow. The week goes so fast. Do you ever do the same things every day like tie your shoes and realize you just did it… seemingly 5 minutes ago, but was really yesterday, and you make a mental note to try to realize it tomorrow, and BAMN, it’s tomorrow, time to tie your shoes. Well that’s how I feel right now. All I ever say is, “I have so much to do.” But never get it done. I had a hard drive crash and while trying to use a different computer to rescue some of the files, it crashed. I have a 160GB hard drive with EVERYTHING on it and it took 2 days for it to find only 30GB of info able to be rescued and it was only about a fifth done and it crashed. So Now I’m backing everything up and getting ready to wipe everything. It’s taking so much time… but it has to be done. I keep realizing what was on it and what I have lost. Some are picture I’ll never retrieve. That’s why I should be using www.flickr.com You can store all your pics there and other can see them and it’s not that expensive, like 25$ a year and you can upload any size and any amount of pictures. Way worth it. Well, as usual, Brooke is in bed waiting for me and I have to put Lily away. If you don’t know who she is just go to the picture gallery and look under animals, she’s our Beagle! Talk to you soon!

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