Bom Dia! or Good Morning! I’m just practicing my Portuguese for our mission trip. If you haven’t hear about it yet you can go to www. brazilmissiontrip.com and check it out. Thanks so far to everyone that has donated, we (Brooke and I) are getting closer to our goal. Last time I checked we still needed about $1000. Of course we will always need prayers so keep them coming.
Some other big news is our job situations. Within the past month I decided to quit Wells Fargo. There are a lot of reasons but mainly because I want to start my own business and I just didn’t like the job. My plan was to get a part time job and start my business. When out looking for jobs while still at Wells Fargo I found an eBay store called eSell It. I walked in and asked if he was hiring and he basically hired me on the spot. It started out just a job listing items on eBay for walkin customers, but now I am networking the computers, installing new software and designing web templates and logos. It’s the best job I think I’ve ever had. Right now it’s not paying very much but it is totally flexible on any hours and it’s only part time. Just a couple days ago we found out Brooke got a job she applied for at Grand View College. She starts just one day after she is done at her work study job there. She will be in a different building as an administrative assistant. She will even get to hire some work studies under her. The best thing is we now have benefits as mine from Wells Fargo will run out at the end of the month. She is also getting paid a bit more than I was a Wells Fargo. Now I can use some of the money from working part time to pay for some computer equipment to start my business. Speaking of which, my new business is called Porter’s Multimedia. You can check it out so far at www.portersmultimedia.com Well it’s Memorial Day and we both have the day off. Brooke is still sleeping. She had surgery the other day from a mole that needed to be removed. The doctor said it was pre-cancerous so needed to be removed as soon as possible. Here’s a pic:
Everything is fine now but please pray nothing comes back. We have a follow up in 6 months.
Well now I’m going to get in the shower. I’ll try to write again tonight when the day is over to let you know how it went.

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