So much happened today. I don’t remember this morning much since it is so far away now. I had to call in to tech support at work today to fix a major issue with not being able to add new customers. This is at the eBay store. It’s going well but I seemed to be slowed down everyday by some glitch, soon we will be getting a server and I will have to do this all over again. It’s one of those things someone asks, “How long with this take” and you say it should take 30 min but it takes 2 days… I love it though, troubleshooting is my favorite. I got my office all cleaned up today and got some more computers going. Right now I’m using the one I bought from a friend at Church, his work was selling them. 1.6GHz with 40 GB with XP Pro for 135$, Sweet! and it’s working great so far, might use it for the webcam server. Anyway, enough with the computer talk. I got a little time to video a bad storm but it kinda died out as it hit us, I guess my mom had a semi blown over by her house and she live 30 min north of me. Darn I missed it. The girls from the Brazil Mission trip came over and they chatted and prayed at our house. It was fun even though I wasn’t supposed to be there… I’m so PROUD, Lily, our Beagle Puppy rolled over all by herself tonight with everyone there. I was so excited. She has learned how to lay down, and roll over in 3 days, and swim… but that’s not fair that’s an instinct. I also fixed my friend from church, Chad Decleene’s computer, it had the worm and needed Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed. And I edited Korey Pearson’s Video of his relative competing in state golf. It’s rendering now. I’ve been busy and it’s time for bed, see you tomorrow!

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