Another one of those long days. Defiantly a good day. Started off with being able to sleep in. That’s always good. And it’s always a good day when my wife makes pancakes, yummy. So we got up and got ready for the wedding of Elen Decleene and Stephen Moore. It was a beautiful wedding and we had fun helping out. We stopped and got batteries for the mics and then went to the church and started setting up the equipment. We video taped and did sound today. As you’ve read I created the slide show and set up their lights for the reception. It’s so fun being behind the scenes in something like that. We didn’t have any mess ups either. Everything went great. My next project is searching for the churches next digital camera. My cousin Brian suggested the Sony digital camera that records to CDs. I already love all the features it has and this it would be great. I’m writing up a review of it without getting to use one. So basically I’m using all the info I can gather on it. The biggest thing is that it has no media cards or doesn’t have to be plugged in to the computer. You can just put the cd in any computer and it’s ready to use. You can even uses rewriteable CDs. Anyway, I’ll have the review on my site later. So after the wedding we went home and got our van, luggage and kittens and headed to Brooke’s dad’s family Christmas in Chatfield, Minnesota. It was fun and I love this side of the family. We do the game where every one brings a gift and then puts them in the middle of the room. You draw numbers and you can either pick a gift or steal one someone else picked. It’s fun, ’cause you don’t know what the gift is until it’s opened. Anyway it’s fun to watch. Then we came back to Brooke’s dad’s and watched some TV and talked. Now we’re going to bed and I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow. I’ll let you know! Goodnight.

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