I’ve heard more recently that people have been reading my blog and when I write on here I seem to get people saying they want more. The problem is I never have time for anything it seems. But if writing on here keeps me in touch with new and old friends then it’s worth it. Well I’m going to keep this short so it’s worth reading. I worked today for only 4 hours. That was a break. Brooke was really sick with the flu or something and I only have a little hint of upset stomach. She was down for a whole day at least but now is doing better. Unfortunatly it wasn’t what we though (morning sickness). I’ll keep you informed on that. Tomorrow I have the whole day off so hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write about. Tonight I added some ads to my website by google. They changed the add according to what’s on the page. I have it on the photo gallery and the webcam page, check it out and tell me what you think. I get paid for using them. K, Brooke’s in bed so I gotta go, Bye!

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