Starting with this morning, I went through the normal routine. This morning I had toast with peanut butter and I dunk it in hot chocolate milk. Mmmm. Ya know the other usual stuff, shave, start the car, clean out the litter box… Had a normal day at work, nothing new to talk about. I worked from 7am-11am. Drove home, waited for Brooke ’cause she had to work this morning too. We had lunch and then I finished a wedding slideshow for the Decleene-Moore wedding that is tomorrow. While I was working on that we watched Dr. Phil and Oprah. One of the days where both shows give out lots of stuff. Kinda kewl ’cause one show had all families of soldiers overseas and the other was all teachers. After that we we to the church to do the wedding rehearsal and had the dinner at the church. Food was good as always, thanks Stew. The bride thanked us in front of everyone which was really nice, we did do a few things for the wedding but I think the day should be all about them and not us. And they are a great Christian family so we definitely feel like we’re doing God’s work. I have so many other things to do too besides weddings that I just don’t know what to do next. My cousin is going to help me set up my own server here at home so I can start serving demos of my work and have all my files backed up. We’re using Linux which is like windows but it’s free. Sorry to all the hardcore Linux users, didn’t mean to say it’s “like” windows, I’m just saying that for the “user friendly” type people. Anyway, so then we come home and there are like 5+ Christmas bulbs and things all over the living room, angel hanging over, and tree branches all matted down. Naughty kittens. Then I fixed some pictures for Brian and talked to him for a while. Watched “That 70’s Show” and now I’m writing my blog for the day. We’re going to do the wedding tomorrow, and then head to MN for a Christmas tomorrow night with Brooke’s dad’s side of the family. Poor kittens have to stay home, hopefully the cams will work and I can see them from MN. It’s only one day so they will be ok. Well, hi to everyone that reads this. I’ve gotten 2 comments in the last week that people are reading this. Hope more do. This week they were David Andersen and Andrea Curtis. Thanks guys for reading my blog. Now I don’t feel like I’m sitting here wasting my time. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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