Oh wow, you should see my TOE. Yes my toe. I stubbed it this morning before church. I actually cried… Now you’re prolly thinking, what a wimp. But you gotta see what it looks like before you think that. I took this picture tonight right before I posted this blog.

Yeah, see, I told you so. Well, I think I will live, what do you think? Anyways, Look, I got a webcam. And it works, most of the time. Um… Seriously, if you come to my site, or view my cam, write in my guestbook, or send me an instant message or email, just so I know you’ve visited. Thanks. Oh, and I’m sick. I got it from Gpa, and I hear Lacee and Gma has it too. Sucky. Ok, gotta go watch a movie with my wife. Gangs of New York, we’ll see how good it really is.

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