Hi, can you tell I’ve been busy that last week? I haven’t written for a whole week. So let’s start kinda where we left off. We went to Minnesota with the Curtis’s. We went to the Mall of America that Saturday and then just hung out in Rochester the rest of the weekend at Brooke’s Dad’s house. We took a Dodge Caravan instead of the Blazer. It has room for 7 and it’s all wheel drive. After driving it that weekend we decided to trade it for the Blazer. The Blazer we were driving has a few problems. A van has way more room and since it’s all wheel drive it will do well on trips in the winter. It has all the options and the bigger motor. So, can you tell I’m a car salesman. I talk more about my car than my trip. We didn’t come back until Monday night ’cause we all took Martin Luther King day off. Tuesday night we help with Impact so we were there all night doing that. And Wednesday we have AWANA. Tonight we went grocery shopping. Busy, busy, all the time. Not much else to say. Business is picking up, but Gpa has been sick. He went home today right after the auction. It’s ok though, ’cause there wasn’t any customers. Well, now I’m going to send some emails to see if I can get any traffic on this site!! Oh, and write me a message in my guestbook!

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