No, I didn’t die of infection of my toe :) I am alive. Wow, I’ve been really busy, can you tell, it’s been like three weeks since I wrote last. I’m sorry. I can really tell that I haven’t written in a while ’cause my website traffic has been low. My own fault of corse. The first thing I want to write about is the concert I was at on Saturday. The bands name is “The Trent Smith Band” You can check out Trent’s new CD at www.trentsmithmusic.com. His next concert will be in Ames, Iowa on Febuary 29, 2004 at Campus Baptist Church. It was really fun because I ran the PowerPoint screen with the lyrics and Brooke ran the stage lights. It was awesome and I’ll be running it again at the concert in Ames. I love working with Trent, his music is great and he’s easy to work with. I also love working for God. I’m always waiting for God to show me what to do, but I think that there are just a lot of little things he wants me to do. I’m not going to list them all, ’cause it’s not important to everyone what they are. It’s important to God where my heart is at when I’m doing them. It’s just hard for me to find productive things to do for God when I haven’t been to college. That’s why I don’t expect one huge thing for me to do, but lots of little ones that need to be done. Besides the concert, not much is happening. Business has picked up a little bit. The Lord provided yesterday when a customer came and paid off a car that I had on payments. It was exactly what I needed to pay my taxes this year. Now I don’t have to worry about it at all. I love that God is always thinking about me and preparing things ahead of time when I’m distracted by other things… He is all knowing.

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