Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is basically a great way to send presents to children overseas. My wife and I participated this year at work and sent 2 shoe boxes full of small gifts. Here is an email from the famliy including pictures!

Hello from Almaty!
Hi, Douglas and Brooke

My name is Olga. My husband Askar and I are glad to hear from you and we would like to thank you for presents. Our kids were so happy to receive the box you sent.
Our children, a boy is 9 and a girl is 3, are only learning to be good kids. Their names are Adil and Anelya. In fact, we have recently learnt the God and we see how our lives have changed since the time God touched our hearts. We try to read the Bible (we even have got one in English) but still we have so many questions.
We live in the city surrounded by the mountains. It is a beautiful place. We like to spend our free time in the nature. In winter we skate in our famous skating rink Medeu (you might have heard of it). In summer we spend time near the river.
We go to the church on Sundays.
Our life has not been easy but we believe in God and it is getting better and better every day and we are glad there are people who realize the same.
We see that God loves us and God prepared everything for us. We see that our children also realize that.

We would like to thank you once again for your kindness in the name of God.
We hope to hear from you again soon.
Thanks from our kids too.

we are sending you some early pictures. Adil is dressed in a jeans jacket and our Anelya is with a stripped hat on her head.
we will send some more pictures to you next time

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