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Addicted to Chipolte

I thought it would be fun to do a live blog. I am actually in Chipolte right now in Minneapolis, MN with my laptop and cellular internet connection. I’m here with my cousin Brian and his two boys, Mattathias & Nathanael. We came to the cities to pick up Brian’s Leatherman (tool with a knife in it) from the airport. Last weekend we went to Las Vegas to the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show and we decided to carry on all of our luggage instead of check it and forgot it was with us. So Brian left it at the Business Center to pick up later. Anyways, now we stopped at Chipolte because he’s never been here before. Here is a picture:

We would also like to say hi to our wifes, Brooke & Andrea, who are back at home in Rochester and Newton. Hi! We miss you! Ok, gonna go now. Bye.

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