Another day of work… Training went fast today and then I got to go out into the call center and do some typing on live accounts. I did pretty well actually. It’s easier for me to learn this way than sitting in a dark room watching slides all day. I left my lunch at home so Brooke brought it to work (Grand View College) with her and I drove to meet her and we ate lunch together. It was fun. Anyway, I got off at 4 today but stayed until 4:15 ’cause we had a thing called a huddle. It’s where our team gets together and talks about strategies and things. It started at 3:45 and went til 4:15. So I get a little bit of over time, that’s always nice. Brooke was kinda upset ’cause I didn’t get home right away. I was also a little late ’cause I stopped to talk to one of my friends at work (Brian Chandler) and he was telling me about a guy coming to his house where his wife was home alone. This guy was trying to sell magazines or something and kept asking her if she was home alone. And then asked to come in and get some water. She brought him out some water and called her family. People are crazy, don’t ever open the door for anyone if you are at home women! If you hear the story of Jeffery Domer or however you spell it, he said that most of the women he killed would never happend if they would have locked their screen doors. He would go to their farm house and open the big door and knock on the screen door, women would come and open the screen door and he would stick his foot in the door and get in. Anyways, if you don’t recognize who is at the door, just don’t let them in and talk to them through the door, or window, or screen door. ‘Cause once they are in, they are in. And no one is going to see what’s happening inside. BE CAREFUL!

I called and confirmed our new address today with the realiter. It is: 1106 NE 5th Street #3 You can get that and all our contact info on our home page. www.AHHYEAH.com. That’s about it for now, Brooke is at school tonight so I’m just playing on the web… Bye!

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  • Anonymous

    Its a sad world we live in

  • Anonymous

    I had three different people come to the door today. I always feel weird about talking to the screen door. We had some Mormans stop by a while ago, and I talked to them through the door for the longest time, and then finally opened the screen a little so I could hear them better. I think I was kinda rude when I said that I wasn’t inviting them in, I just couldn’t hear them. Oh well, they probably expect it.

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