Day Two, Wheels, Transmission Update

Today my grandpa went to a friend of his and checked on a transmission for me but he wasn’t there. Then I went to the junk yard and found an old set of temporary wheels. They are off of a 1995 Chrysler Sebring. They are chrome 16inch. They should do for now. Better than the steel wheels that are on it now. I got the Sebring set of wheels for $200 with tires. Later today I went to our mechanic’s shop and told him my plans with the car. He will be doing things such as transmission work. He says that he knows a guy that can fix my transmission that I have. I would rather do that since I’ve already spent money on the transmission I have and know it has good cluches and new parts, just needs the bands worked on. He also says he has a set of shocks at his shop he was going to put on for me once but I never came over and had them installed. So, once the wheels get here monday, I’ll put them on and show a before and after picture. And I’ll take it to get the tranny worked on.

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