Ok, this blog is going to be specifically for my car, which is going to be a story in it’s own. I should start off by telling you about were I got the car and it’s past…

The first memory I have of the Fury is when I came to visit my grandfather and he took me out to a new car dealership to buy some cars. (He owns a carlot that I now run that that is a different story) When we drove this car back to the car lot I was thinking that it was a pretty kewl car. Now you have to realize that I didn’t know the difference between the wheel and the tire back then. (If you don’t know yourself, then you might as well stop reading this ’cause you’re not going to enjoy it.) (Speaking of tires, I have to go air up another one…brb) Ok two tires done, 2 more to go. So, back to the story. So I found out that it had a big motor and that a two door was kewler than a four door so I said, I’ll take it! We had the vinal top replaced and the seat had a little tear so we fixed that too. Later, after I beat the crap out of the poor car in high school, I got some kewl wheels and tires for it. That was about 4 years ago and now the top is bad again and the wheels and tires have been stolen. I have also changed the carburator to a edelbrock 4 barrel instead of the factory 2 barrel. Currently the transmission is out of commission and I even paid to have it fixed but the guy that worked on it only changed the clutches and things and didn’t repair the bands. I’ve tried adjusting them but I get nowhere. Other things that need immediate repair is the radiator and the valve cover gasket seals. Oh and the tire that are on it, I wouldn’t trust them to get me 5 miles to home :(

So, the plan is to get it running and use it as a daily driver. Did I mention it only has 66,000 miles on it? I know this ’cause it was a one owner and had around 47,000 miles when I got it. It was in perfect condition and was traded in by an older couple. The only accident or dammage the car had was in the parking lot of the dealership they traded it to. Some one back into them and put a small dent by the tail light. I’m planning on taking some pictures today so I’ll let you know where I’m starting from. Wish me luck!

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