Well the first thing I want to say is SWEET to the new blogger.com website. It is designed so clean and sweet. Next I was just going to say what we did today. Basically after the wedding yesterday (which went great) we went to My aunt’s house (Brian’s Mom) and ate dinner and played some games. We were going to go bike riding but the weather got bad. Today we were pretty busy with church. After church we went to a restaurant called Ryan’s which is a buffet. Like you walk in and work like an assembly line to get your food. Kinda demeaning. But the food was good, and it was packed because it’s Sunday and Mothers day. After that we went and saw Nick’s new townhouse which is pretty kewl but would be kewler if they were really the $520 a month they advertise. Anyway, Brian, Andrea and Mattathias came over and we hung out till church. Brian and I worked in the sound room and we learned a lot. I learned a lot more by doing a “sound check” with Lucas tonight after the service, setting up for Impact on Tuesday. We messed with the new program we might get for the church. It worked AWESOME. With this program we can use moving backgrounds for our lyrics on the screens, or LIVE CAMERA VIDEO. So the band can be behind the words. Chris is going to be there to see how it goes. Ok, so that’s about it. In the morning I have a meeting with DMACC college to show my “portfolio” and see what they think about be getting into the commercial arts program. That’s all I have for now. Bye!

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