Dangit, I’ve done it again. I’ve missed 2 days of my Blog. I hate when that happens. Well, Friday I just worked all day. No customers as usual. I came home and Brooke and I watched a movie. Saturday I worked too ’cause Gpa was still out of town. No promising customers. After work we went to meet Brian, Andrea, and Mattathias at the mall. We just wandered around the mall and then went to Fazolis and ate. We prolly sat there forever after we ate and just talked. They are going to MN next weekend with us to go to the Mall of America. They just want to have a weekend away so we’re going to Brooke’s dad’s to stay. Ok, so today we went to church and I video recorded the service again. This is my second time. I’m capturing it right now on my home computer. Brooke is reading a book for college right now. Later we’re going to church and I’m going to get the service on video again. Oh, and one quit note, one of my fish died in my home tank :( it was my black and white molly. I think one of the kissing fish kissed her top lip off and she couldn’t eat anymore, how sad :( Ok, Not much else to say. My video is captured so I’d better go edit it.

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