Well this day started off great. After taking my sister to school, we ran out of gas on the interstate. Sounds like I’m an idiot I know, but not completely. The gas gauge is broke on our Blazer. I think it has a bad ground or something. Anyway, to make a long story short, we sat for about an hour until Steve Green(another car dealer) brought us some gas. Have you ever sat along the highway for a long period of time? It sucks. We initially stopped on the shoulder, still on the blacktop, but the traffic was heavy and I really wanted to be off the road more. I had tried to start the Blazer before but it wouldn’t even sputter. So I said, “Lord, just give us enough gas to get us further off the shoulder.” So I tried it again and it started. I didn’t have enough time to celebrate I just put it in gear and got over in the snow and grass. Sweet! The scariest part of all was after about 15 minutes of sitting in the snow, a camper came by and was way over the white line and would have hit us for sure if we were on the shoulder. We eventually made it to school and work so it’s all good. The rest of the day was the same as usual. Corey stopped by for a little bit ’cause he didn’t have any work today. So now I don’t know what else to write. I’m sitting here in my living room with my beautiful wife laying on my shoulder waiting for me to go to bed… so I’d better go. Goodnight.

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