LIFE IS AMAZING – M109R Motovlog #94

Summary created by AI: I wrapped up my warm farewells, and hit the road on my bike, feeling the sun’s heat despite the cool 73 degrees. I veered off my usual route, chasing a change of scenery since the regular path had gotten a tad stale without any cool riders or fast cars to spot. My mind wandered to a Lamborghini I saw the previous night, puzzling over how its dashboard predicted traffic light changes. Is it learning from past rides, or pulling data from the cloud? Mid-ride, I realized there was something off with my pedal. It felt wobbly and I made a mental note to check it out later. Despite the hiccup, I kept cruising, even when I hit a patch of roadwork. The detour brought a little adventure, though not without its share of bumps. At one point, I found out I’d left my key in my bike all day – a funny moment that had me shaking my head. As I rode, I mulled over my recent Metro Net subscription, daydreaming about faster upload speeds for my YouTube videos. I appreciated my bike’s high-revving nature, a trait not common in cruisers. Pulling into my driveway, the day’s ride felt good. My playful banter with my wife about a cliched scene welcomed me home, before settling down to a hearty dinner and reflecting on the day’s escapade.


Doug is the Technology Manager of Saylorville Church & founder of Apple iPhone School. He's the father of 4 boys & 1 girl and is married to Brooke Porter.

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