Twitter Updates for 2011-02-03

  • Chillaxin, roads were fine — at Starbucks #
  • Here's a pic I took at Starbucks – #
  • I've always said this was coming: Smart contact lenses for health and head-up displays – #
  • @1and1 I can't get to my site or into the admin panel #
  • @1and1_4U thanks for responding #
  • @1and1_4U still can't get in. What's the ETA? #
  • @PlanningCenter I've had Volunteer Directors that can't get the new matrix to work. Are there browser issues? or updates needed? #
  • @1and1_4U Seems to be working from some of my computers. Must be a local DNS issue. #
  • @1and1_4U Yeah, looks like it was Google's DNS that hadn't updated yet. I removed it and it's working fine. Thanks. #


Doug is the Technology Manager of Saylorville Church & founder of Apple iPhone School. He's the father of 4 boys & 1 girl and is married to Brooke Porter.

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