Twitter Updates for 2010-06-04

  • @theiBlog try it after 4.0 comes out in reply to theiBlog #
  • Just completed a 2.01 mi run with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • Playing — at Dean Park #
  • RT @appleinsider: AT&T may sell unlimited plans without iPad 3G hardware before June 7 #
  • Serving is not always doing something you love. It's sacrificing your time doing something you don't want to do. #
  • Just had to explain to my son that sometimes we use ph instead of f for the f sound. Then he asked why… GOOD QUESTION!!! #
  • The light fixture above our kitchen table just started dripping… Lady upstairs didn't have the AC drain hooked up right. #EPIC FAIL #
  • If you have an iPad now, you are only grandfathered in on unlimited 3G if the plan is set to autorenew #


Doug is the Technology Manager of Saylorville Church & founder of Apple iPhone School. He's the father of 4 boys & 1 girl and is married to Brooke Porter.

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