Brooke is Pregnant

I just sitting here waiting for a dvd of a wedding to burn so I thought I would update this. Yesterday morning we went to the baby doctor (i would rather call it that than ogbyn or whatever). This was our second time for this pregnancy. We went about a month ago to do an ultrasound because we’ve had one miscarrage before. This time we could see the heartbeat! So, we went again yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat. It was very strong and fast. Everything was normal so hopefully this time God gives up a baby. When we were at the counter setting up all of our future appointments, Brooke asked for a glass of water. I was like, Huh? and then she passed out. It was so weird. She’s never passed out before and we’re not the type of people to be stressed about anything. I think it was her Hypoglycemia. They took her in a room and gave her some juice and she was all better. It was so weird. Anyways, she’s pregnant! So she went to work and I went to the church to edit videos for VBS. Our theme this year is setting sail and pirates. The pirate video went well but the other video didn’t. Instead of having a special speaker I prerecorded missionary John Leonard and have been cutting out pieces of 5 minutes or so through out the week. Well yesterdays came out to be too long and compared to the first two days, not a lot of action. Hopefully I will do better today. I have heard of about 4 kids giving their lifes to Christ and getting saved so it is all worth it. I’m off to video another clip for the pirate theme, edit some video and then Vacation Bible School from 6:00 – 8:30pm.

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