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Ready America is a great website and something we all need to think about. I think of the hurrican victims and what they would do for just one of the items on the lists available from this website. I think there are many vulnerable systems in the US that we depend on that can easily be shut down either by terrorism or weather or anything.

1. Power system
2. Fuel supply
3. Phone communications
4. Internet
5. Airlines

I’m sure there are more but you get the idea. I talk about these things with my wife and family and they all think I’m nuts. But seriously, why is everyone so dependent on these things. Go back about 100 years ago and no one depended on these things, but we act as if they are all absolutes and will never fail. We’ve seen power grids go down on the east coast in recent years, The airlines were down for a few days after Sept 11th and it stopped everything. Fuel shortages in the 70’s and recently with the hurricanes shows it is possible. Problems were drastically worsened Sept 11th and Hurricane Katrina due to no communications including radio and cell towers. Power alone would shut down all 4 of the other systems. I know, I know, so what, call me crazy, but how would you like to be in Hurricane Katrina without simple things such as food or water. Ok, so I’ve made my point. So check out the website:

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