I haven’t wrote for a while but now I have a chance… theirs a lot that’s new. First we’ve closed Steen Auto. Grandpa wanted to retire and business was bad. I had enough time to find a new job. After alot of looking and applying I found a job at Wells Fargo Financial. I am in a call center doing collections. So if you don’t pay your bills, I’ll be calling you :) I started last Monday (oct 11) and just listened in on phone calls. This week I started actual training. Today we just learned about the company, benifits, rules and such, tomorrow I actually start training on the computer software we will be using. I’ll let you know how that goes. We also have a new kitty. You can see picture of her if you go to our picture gallery at www.ahhyeah.com/gallery I also put a bunch of stereo face plates on ebay the past week left over from steen auto. I’m making some good money at it and I’ll let you know my total when I’m done. Oh, and last night on the way back from MN I saw a girl I know from my old high school in MN, but we weren’t in MN I’m pretty sure we were pretty far into Iowa, that was weird. Well, that’s all for now, talk to you later.

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