Well, in only 50 minutes I will be halfway to 50 :) That’s scary. Ok, so my 25th birthday is tomorrow, I’ll be ok, I mean I’ve been losing my hair for a while so it’s no shocker, and I have a beautiful young wife so that helps a lot. And I’m still 5’9″ 145 so I’d say I’m doing pretty good. I do have a few things I wish to accomplish of course. Children is a big one, I’m going to college so that one is in progress, My own house would be nice, and a real full time job, no offence to Steen Auto. I’m just glad I decided to do things Gods way while I’m young and not waste time trying to do it the worlds way. Tonight a guy by the name of John Nightingale came to our church and quoted James and 1 John from memory. Not only was it amazing, but if you’ve ever read either, you know they are convicting books of the Bible. I hope I hear from all my friends on my birthday!!!

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