Hey look what I found out how to do!!! Hi everyone….I’m Brooke (Doug’s wife). I don’t think my husband has written in a while, he has been really busy with school, work and church stuff. So, I thought I would write for him! Well, we just got back from spending the week-end at my dad’s house in Minnesota. Brain, Andrea and Mattathias went with us. (that is Doug’s cousin, his wife and their one year old son) Anyway, we left on Friday around 2:00pm or so. On Saturday we went tubing and canoeing down the Cannon River. It was really fun we had a group of about 20 of us. I tubed, but Doug, Andria, Brian and Mattathias canoed. I must say the water was slightly chilly. But overall the day turned out to be perfect for going down the river. Another answered prayer!! Then later that night we went to Doug’s dad’s house and road four-wheelers. It was really fun, they had a great trail. I love sitting on the back of a four-wheeler and hanging on while my husband gets us up and down hills and through rivers. I just get to sit there and enjoy nature and all that God created…until it gets really scary (like through the river and then up a really steep, muddy hill) then I just hang on and pray. After that we went to fireworks in Mazeppa. They were awesome for such a small town, they were better than the ones we saw in Iowa! Well, we headed back to Iowa Sunday afternoon after going to church. The church we go to in Iowa has about 700 people, the church we went to in Minnesota had about 25 people. It was a lot different, but it was a great church. The pastor is the father of Doug’s friend from high school (Katie). Anyway, it was a good change from our big church and the pastor had a great message and preached the Truth. Praise the Lord for even His small churchs who are spreading the good news about salvation and who are learning about God and His Word in a Biblical and accurate way. Besides that it’s just another week of school and work for both of us. Though in five days (or six depending on how you count) we will have our one year anniversary…..how exciting!!! I love you hunny and I can’t believe it has been a year. I think that we will be going to the Omaha Zoo and then probably eating dinner, we have to eat the top of our cake!! Well, I’m sure Doug will write and let you know what we did!!

ps. Doug, thank you for being a wonderful husband so far and I know that you will continue to be the wonderful husband that God has made you. I pray that you will continue to be a Godly influence and leader in our household.

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