Hello. Church got canceled today. I feel kinda weird getting up and having nothing to do today. Church got canceled because there was a sewage backup in the basement. :( I shouldn’t say we’re doing nothing today. We got up and got ready and read our book we’re reading called “The purpose driven life”. It is really good. Brooke is also reading a book called “In The presence of My Enemies”. It’s about the missionarys that got captured in the philipines by terrorists. I’m also editing a video from Impact last week. It’s hilarious ’cause we were messing with the sound effects processor after the meeting. It can change your voice and add echo and all kinds of other kewl stuff. I guess we have two machines that do that. I’m going to have to learn what they do so we can use them better. I got a new external hard drive last night. 160GB. I need it to copy videos onto to edit them. I can do small 1-2 hour services with what I had but now I’m going to do weddings and I have like 6 tapes with 1-2 hours of video each and my hard drive wasn’t big enough. I felt really stupid when buying it ’cause the asked if we wanted the 2 year warranty and I said no. But then I thought about it and changed my mind in the car. I came back in but they were closing and I had to wait for another person to leave so I could sneak back in. But now if anything happens to it in the next 2 years I can take it back for a new one. Anything… I can drop it in my pond and it’s no problem!!! :) Here’s a picture of it. So far it’s working great. I transfered all my videos and files of my old external hard drive. (which seems to corrupt files every once in a while randomly) Ok… so now Brian and Andrea are coming over and we are going to saylorville lake for a picnic. Maybe I will take some pics!! Bye!

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