Goodmorning… I didn’t have time to write last night because I was doing some repairs on my website. I’m adding a quick links section on my intro page. I’m also going to be reworking my homepage so it fits well on all computers. I went to DMACC yesterday to talk to an advisory and seem to have gotten no where. I have to take a placement test, which I expected and totally understand. But I just don’t understand what each degree has to offer and where they fit with what I want to do. I have to set up individual appointments with two degree heads to figure it out… Speaking of college Brooke’s last final of the semester is today. Then she will finally be off for about 3 weeks. We are planning on going with my grandparents on Memorial Day to Wisconsin for some graduations and just time off. Tonight is the Friends Finale!!! We will be watching that and then I’m prolly going to be working on a powerpoint for a wedding. Tomorrow we’re going to run a practice video taping of the wedding at their rehearsal. This weekend I think we’re going with Brian and Andrea to both of their parents. Oh, and of course we have the wedding Saturday to video tape… Ok, so I’m off to mess with my website and then to work… Bye bye!

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