Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote so you can probably tell we’ve been busy. Brooke is finally done with Grandview College for a while, but she is still going to DMACC for another week. Then June 1st she starts summer classes at DMACC. We went to MN last weekend for 4 days. We went to see her dad play in a pool tournament in Rochester. My cousin Corey was in MN working with my dad so we hung out with him. And Devin, Brooke’s sister, came down for the weekend too. Brooke’s dad took us to a shooting range. I shot a .22, .357, and a 9mm. All hand guns. It was fun and we got to keep our targets. We also went to a big church in the cities. The pastor was John Piper, a famous pastor and author. We stayed in the twin cities with her mom Thursday night and came up to eat lunch with her after church Sunday. We also got bikes! I bought one at target and she got her mom’s old one. We haven’t got to go yet, but we’re going to try this weekend, weather permitting. Business is slow again, but it’s always up and down. Other than that I’ve been REALLY busy with stuff at church. Sound, making videos of services, creating a video presentation for a girl going to Israel, working on new software that uses moving back grounds for our music lyrics on the screen during worship, wedding videos, and…. Obviously not my website. Sorry about that, we need to get some more topics going on the forum. Hopefully I’ll get some more time here soon to add some new funnies and stories. Don’t forget you can add your own stuff too!

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