Well for some reason my website is down. I did go to my providers website and they looked like they upgraded their site, so maybe that had some effect on me. So, I decided to write on my blog since I can’t do anything else :) We are going to MN this weekend to see Brooke’s dad. My sister(Lacee) is also going with me. It’s supposed to be cold and wet while we’re up there. We’ve been trying to go for 3 weeks but we’ve been too busy. Now we’re going to miss my uncle Robert’s retirement party. Worse yet, his mother just died recently and I would like to be there just to cheer him up. It’s hard to balance family when they live so far apart. And when I have my own business and Brooke is full time in college. Speaking of which, she’ll be in school constantly now until she graduates and then even the summer after that. This summer she is taking 2 classes at DMACC so she can graduate after 4 years of college. The one summer class after graduation is actually an internship not a class. I’m planning on starting next fall at DMACC. Ok, I’m going to see if ahhyeah.com is back online. Sorry to all who tried to get on and were unsuccessful.

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