The forum is up and running great and I have a whole 3 members. Of course I am the first, then Brooke. The only real member is my cousin Brian. Well, hopefully more will join and this can become a great community for people to share their opinions, beliefs, ideas and experiences. I sent an email out to you all about adding the forum. If anyone would like to be added or deleted from the list please let me know. Also, Brooke’s mom is coming this weekend! She is bringing a couple girls (5 & 7) with her that she is watching for the weekend. It’s the first people we’ve had stay over besides my sister Lacee. And the first kids. It will be fun. I still haven’t gotten those pictures from Brian about the “huge equipment” we moved the other night. Of course we all lived to tell about it as you can see. I’ll try to post some pictures. We’re going grocery shopping now so I’ve got to go. Bye!

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