We got a new bumble bee walking toad a few weeks ago and he seems really skinny. Here’s a picture of him when we got him:

New Bumblebee Walking Toad!

Denver loves holding him but since they absorb water through their skin and not drink through their mouth you can’t hold them too often. They can absorb salt, oil, soap or anything else on your skin. We only hold him during tank cleaning about 1-2 times a week.

Denver's first time holding a bumblebee walking toad.

So, right now we’re worried about how skinny he is. He’s in with two tree frogs, a grey tree frog & a green tree frog. They are both bigger and we though might be eating all the food first.

Added a green tree frog to the mix More Froggy

Watching closer we noticed the toad following food around (crickets) but not eating them. Even small crickets. We also tried mealworms and wingless fruit flies. We even put him in a separate container for a while to see if he would eat. We’ve read that some eat in front of you. We put him back in the main habitat and he seems fine, just skinny. Here’s what a normal one looks like:

Some suggestions are to use an antibiotic spray or add to his water. I’ve called a local vet that specializes in reptiles and am waiting a return call.