That’s right, I’m in. This is sweet. rocks. You can basically download software for free that you can then upload to your site to manage your own blog and website. I got to work fine but it doesn’t have a complex design. is a little more complex. Not a lot really, I just have no idea what I’m doing. Well during all this transition I’ve been trying to figure out what this site is going to be all about. I talk about myself, photography, web 2.0, religion, & any other random things. Well, it’s still going to be that but I want it to be about accountabilty. I thought it would mostly be me telling you what I want to change and have you ask me if I’ve been doing it. But with the comment section, I think it would be a great place to keep account ability with each other. Feel free to coment on what your struggles are and I’ll try to help you out, but don’t forget I need help too. Also it can be a place for prayer requests. So feel free to put your own in the comments that you would like prayer for.