Wow, blogger.com is being very slow lately. Well not only should I be updating this more, but soon I will be typing all day long at work so I though I would practice here. Right now I’m sitting at church waiting for the service to start because I’m doing sound tonight. I will be here tonight for prayer meeting, Thursday for Impact (www.experienceimpact.com) Friday night for a wedding rehersal, Saturday for the wedding, and Sunday for church service morning and night. I will be busy. That’s why I’m on this computer now updating my blog. I still have 25 minutes. Today at work I went to training again from 8-5. It was fun. Everyday we have different people training us and so far two were younger than me and one just a bit older. I’m only 25 so that shows you how fast you can move up in this company if you want to. If you don’t know who I’m talking about yet it’s Wells Fargo Financial. Anyway today we learned more about a system called Supreme which is basically a text based program that you use to get info on accounts. We use about 3 more programs so they will come later. Brooke is at college until 8pm. We went to McDonalds after I got off work then she went to class and I came here. Not much else to tell you except that I’m excited to move into our new house. NOV 1ST! Ok better get ready for tonight, write again soon…

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