Ok, Wow I am awake! I slept for 12 hours last night. Is that crazy or what? Brooke was studying for her last final this semester and fell asleep reading. I came over to wake her up but ended up falling asleep too… at 7PM. I didn’t wake up till 7AM this morning. That’s weird when you usually only sleep 8 hours or less. I had my usual this morning, and egg with soft yolk and toast. Mmmmm…. Brooke came to work with me till 1PM and we’ve been working up a storm. First we worked on a website we created for my aunt. She is selling her house. It’s called . We added all the details and Brooke added the title and background. Then we had to extract some audio off of a video we taped from the church. I had to download like 3 programs and a decoder to get it to work but now I have an Audio CD of the service. I have a list of about 20 other things I have to do so I’d better get to work. Tonight we are setting up lights for the pastor’s daughter’s wedding like we did ours. Oh, and tomorrow I have a meeting at DMACC with an advisor about starting school this fall!!!

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