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Motorcycle Saftey Class – Night 1

Last night I started motorcycle saftey class at DMACC in Ankeny. So far, it’s been a great experience. The teacher, David Ohnemus, is awesome. I would hugely recommend this class. We went from 5:15pm-9:00pm. We had great weather and the rest of the students were really easy going. We went through all the functions of the bike, practiced getting on and off, Got used to the clutch, shifted from 1st to 2nd and lots more. We were riding 250cc Suzukis. There were a couple other bikes like a street bike & a dirt bike; all 250cc. I’m sure it will be a lot different than my 1800cc! Here are a few pics I took during the break. 


Doug is the Technology Manager of Saylorville Church & founder of Apple iPhone School. He's the father of 4 boys & 1 girl and is married to Brooke Porter.

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