Today was a pretty light day for food. Although I could have done better with just one of these for breakfast. Brooke just calls it Avacado Toast. It’s pretty simple. Toast, Avacado with some lime and cilantro, tomato & egg. I like mine with an egg cooked a little between soft and runny. I also like a little salt and pepper. 


For lunch we had avacado chicken salad in lettuce wraps and apples with almond butter. 


Brooke went out tonight for dinner with some friends so I was on my own. I cooked up some pork chops for Denver and me. He ended up eating his and one of mine so I had one pork chop and some frozen vegetables. 


Overall it was pretty typical foods for us although we hadn’t done the avacado chicken salad for a while. If you want and recipes just let us know in the comments!