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Twitter Updates for 2011-10-05

  • New #iPhone Article from @iphoneschool: What are the New Features of iPhone 5? – http://t.co/dbyObYxl #
  • Today we will be live tweeting the Apple iPhone 5 event! #
  • Here's the times: 7:00AM – Hawaii, 10:00AM – Pacific, 11:00AM – Mountain, 12:00PM – Central, 1:00PM – Eastern, 6:00PM – London. #
  • Here's a photo of the front entrance where today's event will be held. Thoughts on what it could mean? http://t.co/l7LsMqVr #
  • @JustinBrady not there but we'll find a stream. #
  • RT @pleides15: it means that today at ten o'clock, while your looking at maps you're gonna miss a call! #
  • As expected, the Apple Store is down: http://t.co/FgdJCkAf http://t.co/PtdgyptK #
  • Japanese Apple Website leaks iPhone 4S release date as October 14th: http://ow.ly/6NbBP http://t.co/IiO7TcM8 #
  • @TheCenturyMan Yes #
  • New Cards app, Apple prints a card with photo of your choice, mails it anywhere in the works for $4.99 card http://t.co/ySel7yCC #
  • Right now they are reviewing the iOS 5 features that were already announced at WWDC… Nothing new yet. #
  • It will be released on October 12th. Includes iPhone 1 and iPhone 3GS. #
  • Sorry, iPad 1, not iPhone 1. #
  • Find my iPhone now includes your friends. http://t.co/0bQ5HYBs #
  • @aranmor iOS firmware will work on iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS. #
  • iPod nano gets small software feature updates. http://t.co/oVG0elBD #
  • 16 New clock faces for iPod nano. http://t.co/nSSzwhsK #
  • iPod touch lower price starting $199, White… http://t.co/oajlr8z4 #
  • iPhone 4S, Same design, A5 chip, 2x faster, dual core… #
  • iPhone 4s can now download at 14.4 Mbps HSDPA. http://t.co/onh2Kcmu #
  • iPhone 4s is CDMA & GSM, 8MP Camera, 3264×2448, 1/3 faster camera. #
  • Also, has face detection, 2.4 aperture, 1.1 second until first shot and .5 between each shot. #
  • 1080p video recording, video image stabilization, noise reduction, #
  • Voice command features being explained. http://t.co/gwVb8ldS #
  • You can tell it to set an alarm for you and it responds, "OK, I set it for 6 am:" #
  • Responds to things like, stocks, restaurants, directions, reads you messages and respond, checks calendar, location based tasks, search. #
  • Voice features is called Siri, also converts money, also can asks, "How many days until Christmas?" #
  • Dictate anywhere there is a keyboard, just talk and it types. It gets better as it learns your voice. #
  • Sizes will be 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB. 3GS will be 8GB for free. iPhone 4 will be 8GB $99. #
  • That's it! No iPhone 5! #
  • @JakesiPhone There'll be a hack for that… #
  • Confirmed coming to Spring "Soon" on Apple's Website: http://ow.ly/6NlFv #
  • @JakesiPhone Did you check Apple's website? #
  • Apple's iPhone 4S event video now online http://t.co/skEF3r06 #
  • @ericasadun no Siri on iPhone 4 right? #
  • @ericasadun sounds like there needs to be a hack for that… #

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