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Midwest Meteor April 2010

Last night a lot of people started talking on Facebook about a bright light they saw in the sky all around 10:00pm. I quickly searched Twitter for the word meteor and found that people were seeing it all across the Midwest. Here’s how some of my friends described it:

Tom Hay – Saw a thing that fell out of the sky… looked a little green with fire on the end…. can’t remember what it was called but it was cool!

Jessamyn Thomas – Just saw something fall from the sky, looked like a meteor/comet/alien spaceship. It turned the sky bright green and then red….look out Des Moines, ALIEN INVASION!!!!!

Angela Stephenson – Could of swore I just saw a meteor out my living room window!!! It caught me off guard so I didn’t get a pic or vid! Then, 5 minutes later they state on the news that a fireball was spotted in the sky by reporters; could be a meteor! I knew I wasn’t taking crazy pills!

I searched for some videos last night and this morning and only got a couple, the first one below is the most popular one. Then I decided to check our security camera at the church and found just a few seconds of it showing up! Late tonight I found a bunch more video shown below.


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